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From Caterpillar To Butterfly

This week we have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, we are begining to understand that things change as they grow.  On Thursday we welcomed the upcoming Wrens into one of our stay and play sessions and did a great job of keeping them safe as they are not as big as us so can’t do some of the things we can do, we have grown and changed.  On Friday we welcomed Kestrels into our class to share their Biscuit Bear stories.  They have grown and changed too, they can write long stories, when we are older we will be able to do that aswell! We have observed the wildflower and sunflower seeds we planted growing, they have shot up, and we have been responsible for watering them.  We have continued to learn about doubles and number bonds to ten and have been learning about positional language, particularly from different perspectives.  We are also busy learning the skills we need for Sports Day, this week we focussed on running relay races and jumping over hurdles, we were so good at both these things that we even managed a relay hurdles race!