News from the Head

Another exciting half term at Pirton School

It has been another exciting half term at Pirton School. So much has happened since Easter it is hard to know where to start!

The first week back after the holidays we appointed Mrs Magdeburg as the new Headteacher and I have enjoyed meeting with her to start the handover process.

The following week we had the most unusual discovery in the school grounds. A giant egg appeared in the playground and so all lessons for the day were abandoned and everyone wrote stories and newspaper reports about the event! These were shared in an assembly at the end of the day where everyone could see what each of the classes had done!

I had hoped to see lots of parents at our Gardening Day in May but unfortunately we had a very small group of willing volunteers. However, they made up for the lack of personnel in their enthusiasm and hard work; planting trees and cutting back the garden. Thank you to the group who came along!

Some of the classes have been out to explore the local environment for their history and RE work and it has been lovely to see learning outside of the classroom starting up again.  It has also been lovely to welcome parents back into school after so long. The Book Share was very well received, thank you for all the positive comments.

We hope to welcome you into school again on the 16th June to see all of our work for the Platinum Jubilee

We are now looking forward to the different events for the summer term and we hope you will be able to enjoy these with us.

Exciting News from Pirton School

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Headteacher from September 2022. 

Mrs Jennifer Magdeburg will be taking over as the new Headteacher of Pirton School in September 2022. She is currently deputy headteacher at a primary school in Stevenage and comes to us with lots of leadership experience. 

Mrs Magdeburg is very excited to be coming to Pirton. She has already been into school and has met with Mrs Driver to start planning for September. She is aiming to be in school a few times before the start of the summer holidays. She will be working with the staff on putting plans together for the school and for further development of the curriculum. She will be involved in any staff recruitment and in welcoming new reception children and their families into school. 

I am sure you will all join me in congratulating Mrs Magdeburg on her appointment and make her feel welcome in Pirton School. 

Spring Term News Part 2

It has been another exciting term at Pirton  and there has been lots going on across the school.

Robins Class have been swimming and all have made great progress. We had the inaugural Pirton Pancake Race which was hard to tell who won, but everyone enjoyed themselves!

World Book Day saw some amazing characters in school and it was lovely to see the whole school get involved in something all together.

Wrens took a walk to the Motte and Bailey Castle in the village, I am sorry I missed that trip as I would like to learn more about the history of Pirton.

All Year 5s and 6s had the opportunity to go the Liddington for a PGL Adventure. I hope you kept up with their adventures with the blogs that were published on the website.

There was a lovely music concert towards the end of term where those learning the piano performed in from of their parents and we also had a violinist! Who knew there was so much talent in Pirton!

A small group of parents and children held a cake sale to raise funds for the school and I think everyone enjoyed that!

It has been an exceptionally busy term for me as I have been delighted to show a number of prospective headteachers around. We hope to make an appointment early in the new term for a September start so watch this space! We have also been visited by a number of advisors from Herts for Learning who have been impressed with the school and all that Pirton stands for.

For the last two half terms we have focussed on Respect and Responsibility, now we are going to turn our attention on Resilience. This is something we are all going to need to get us through the long summer term.

Pirton celebrates World Book Day!

World Book Day is all about children exploring the amazing world of books and reading. In assembly we looked at six reasons to celebrate World Book Day:

  1. The more you read, the more you’ll know.
  2. Books are magical and you can visit other worlds and times.
  3. Books spark your imagination.
  4. Reading helps you become a better writer.
  5. Find a special book and have a ‘friend’ for life.
  6. Books are relaxing to read after a long day at school.

And what an exciting day we had on World Book Day this year! As the date fell on the same day as World Wildlife Day we decided to celebrate the two together and focus on wildlife characters from books! And what an array we had!

Through-out the day all classes looked at different types of books and different genre and many were inspired to look at new books and try out new authors!

Enjoy the selection of photos taken during World Book Day!

Pancake Races!

We had the inaugural Pirton Pancake Race this morning – in the drizzle! We had 2 children from each year group representing the four houses and they had to toss the pancake 4 times as they ran round the course!

The pancakes suffered from being dropped and run over but this didn’t dampen any enthusiasm. The whole school came out to watch and cheer on their housemates!

It would have been easier if we had worn sports bibs of the appropriate colour so the spectators knew who was representing which house! However, everyone did brilliantly; they were running and tossing their pancakes with great enthusiasm.

With pancakes littering the course, it was impossible to say who won so we declared a draw between all 4 houses!

Note to self…. Buy some coloured bibs before the next house event!

Everyone was happy that it was a draw!

Year 3 lining up to start!

...and they're off!

Making progress!

and having fun!

Spring Term News

I have thoroughly enjoyed my first half term at Pirton School and have been really impressed with the lovely things that I have seen going on. Everyone has made me extremely welcome and been eager to share their thoughts and aspirations for Pirton School.

I take assembly on two of my three days and this has allowed me to get to now all of the classes and some of the children. It is quite a task trying to learn all 147 children’s names!

It is great to see so many children taking pride in their work and trying their best in all aspects of school life. Being proud of your work is really important and I love it when children come to me with good work and can tell me all about their learning. We have weekly Achiever Assemblies and this is where the whole school get to celebrate the great achievements of one person from each class. It is lovely to see the delight on the recipient’s face when their name is called out. I am also really pleased to see how delighted their class mates are that they have achieved this award!

Looking around the school there are some lovely displays and very interesting activities going on. In Wrens, they have been painting pictures of Winter, preparing for Valentine’s Day and learning all about castles.

I was invited to the hall to see Robins learning a new skill as part of Feeling Good Week. They were all learning to Juggle! They started with scarves and it was all so colourful! I was very impressed with their determination and perseverance.

Swifts have also been learning a new skill – to tie dye. Here it was great to see them working together and helping each other. They also invited me to join them on a trip to the allotment where the children were eager to show me what was happening there and the mini beasts they had found!

I have been impressed by the family atmosphere at Pirton and this is especially evident in the older classes. Kestrels and Owls look after the younger children in the school and this is lovely to see. There is also a strong emphasis on reading at the top of the school and this is clearly having an impact on the children’s written work.

We would like to be able to show you more of what is happening at school so that you are involved in your children’s learning. I hope you like this little insight into what is happening at school and we look forward to bringing you more!