School Brochure

Dear Parents, Guardians and Carers,

On behalf of the staff and children, I would like to welcome you to Pirton School. Our aim is to develop a partnership with you, building on the skills which your child has learned at home, and working together to pursue the utmost further development in a happy, confident and successful manner.

Pirton is a friendly, attractive community school with good class sizes, lots of adult help and approximately 145 lively and enthusiastic children. We realise each child in our care has differing needs and we provide a carefully structured and stimulating curriculum within each class based on the National Curriculum. We also strive to provide quality extra-curricular activities, at present offering a number of sports clubs, individual instrument lessons (piano, recorder), drama and gardening clubs. The children enjoy school but are aware that we have high expectations of them in their behaviour, social development and academic work.

As well as valuing our partnership with you in educating your child, we welcome your involvement in school life; whether this be helping in the class, assisting with school visits or supporting the activities of the Pirton Parent Teacher Association (PPTA).

Should you wish to find out more please phone the school for information or contact us to arrange an appointment to visit us.

Yours sincerely