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A busy week in Wrens!

It has been a very busy week in Wrens! We have been talking about birthdays, sharing photos from home (thank you), writing birthday cards, making playdoh cakes and setting up parties for our friends in the role play area. In Maths we have been busy sorting objects and thinking about how we can make sets.

We were very lucky to have a special visit today from Dr Monroe, Lily’s Mum! She read us a story ‘Piper the Puppy Visits the Doctor’, and we shared some of our own experiences of visiting the Doctor. We were all very keen to discuss our favourite flavour medicine! Dr Monroe asked the children what characteristics make a good Doctor, you can see our thoughts here.

The children have been enjoying using the bikes outside, some of which require us to work together. It has been lovely to see this team work developing and to see friendships forming in class.

By Friday, all the children should have changed their books. We hope you enjoy reading together over the weekend.

Well done everyone!

What makes a good Doctor?
Happy Birthday!
Working together
Having fun
Making friends