Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets for key stages 1 and 2. Full details of the Primary National Curriculum can be found here. (Opens in a new window)

Our school recognises the rights and needs of every child and therefore aims to ensure the highest quality of education and equality of opportunity for each of its pupils.

All aspects of the National Curriculum are taught, with much of our learning stemming from first hand, practical experiences. Our curriculum is lively and interesting. Interactive teaching methods are used and the use of computing is integrated throughout the curriculum. We highly value the benefits of outdoor learning. Children are stimulated by the outdoor environment, including our own school allotments, where they can undertake a range of practical activities to support and enhance learning across the curriculum. We regularly plan trips and visits for children in all age groups, which brings learning to life and acts as a rich and exciting stimulus to help inspire and motivate. Children and parents often speak of the long-term memories these new and exciting experiences provide!

Teachers and support staff work together to provide learning opportunities that are appropriate and challenging for each child. They may set different tasks within the same lesson or they may set a task which is open for children to interpret or develop at their own level. Staff use highly effective questioning skills and develop children’s thinking skills throughout the curriculum.

The progress children make is measured on a continual basis in school, so that the teacher and the child are both aware of personal achievements and next steps that are needed in order to make further progress.

Our Curriculum and the learning opportunities it provides aims to:

  • be sequential;
  • allow each child to participate fully in current and future society;
  • have progressive knowledge and skills;
  • recognise and celebrate diversity and unity;
  • develop local, national and international understanding;
  • build a sense of belonging and inspired ambition.

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