We teach Maths following the White Rose Maths scheme. Problem solving, fluency and relational understanding are at the heart of the scheme. It uses the Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach and allows pupils to spend enough time to fully explore a topic, reinforcing it with practice, before moving onto the next one. All ideas are built on previous knowledge and pupils have ample opportunity to develop relationships between topics.

In all classes, except Reception, we follow the mixed age planning from the White Rose Scheme. 

Our Maths Lead, Laura Hall, is taking part in a funded project co-led by HFL Education and Matrix Maths Hub.  The aim is explore teaching for mastery in a mixed age setting and to develop a range of practical solutions to meet this challenge.  It involves half-termly cluster sessions where the group explores what currently works well and development ideas.

Robins (2023/2024)

Swifts (2023/2024)

Kestrels (2023/2024)

Owls (2023/2024)