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Christmas Dinner Day

We had so much fun on Christmas Jumper Day.  We spent the morning listening to Christmas music while we collaged christmas dinners, made envelopes for our Christmas cards and coloured in place mats to take to the dining room with us.

At lunchtime we were served at the table by the adults.  We loved pulling crackers with our friends.  We found the hats a bit big but muddled through.  The roasties and parsnips were so crunchy, and we loved the Christmas biscuits.  Thank you to the cooks, they did an outstanding job.  Once the adults had finished serving they sat down and ate with us which was a treat.

In the afternoon we ran through all the songs for our sing along for the first time.  Mrs Cruise was so proud of us.  We also practiced standing on the stage, we all have our places now and Mrs Cruise hopes all of our families will be able to see us properly.

We also look amazing today in our festive outfits, we had a little photoshoot so everyone could enjoy our jumpers.  And we raised money for charity while doing it!

What a fun filled day we had!