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Happy Friday!

We have had a wonderful week in Wrens, I am so proud of how the children have settled in and are learning the routines.  They are making new friends and becoming more confident each day.  Today we went to our first assembly, they were brilliant.  If a child has an achievement outside school they wish to share awards and medals can be brought in on a Friday.  We also give certificates for achievements in school in a Friday.

Today I sent the children home with two books, of their choice, to enjoy over the weekend.  One is a ‘library’ book and the other is a book from our reading scheme.  For now I would like the children to focus on using their imagination to retell the story in the reading scheme book, and to describe what is happening in the book.  Please re-read these books during the week to develop the children’s fluency.

We have been focussing on the Pirton 6R of being Ready this week, try to use this word at home and encourage children to be independent and get themselves ready.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the weather while it lasts!