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Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!

This week we were learning about a far off place that some of us had been to… the seaside!  We were very lucky as this coincided with a change in the weather so it was the perfect weather for it.  We slipped on our hats, slid off our socks and got our feet sandy!

We had great fun role playing being at the beach, we looked at maps to see where beaches are and learned about some of the geographical features and historical traditions associated with the seaside.  We really enjoyed sharing photos of our holidays with our friends, this helped us to develop our communication and social skills.

In Drawing Club we listened to What The Ladybird Heard At The Seaside and had fun acting out the story and making up our own versions.  We did some fantastic sentence writing using our phonics sounds.  We also made our own little books about the beach and collaged pictures of the seaside.

In maths we have been extending our learning to counting beyond 20, some of us can go all the way to 100 now!  Bridging the ‘tens’ numbers is quite tricky for us so Mrs Cruise taught us a tens song, it is about eating one hundred sandwiches.  Please help us to sing our new song and count to 100 at home.

Have a lovely weekend in the sun, maybe some of you will even visit a beach!

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