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Our trip to Pirton Church

It was a beautiful day for us to visit Pirton Church and meet Reverend Mary, to learn about the story of Christmas. It was cold and frosty but the sun was shining! We all wrapped up warm and got into pairs to walk from school to Church. Our lovely volunteers helped make sure we all stayed together – thank you for joining us!

When we arrived, it was still quite cold in Church so we decided to keep our coats on. We sat with our groups on the Church pews, while Reverend Mary introduced us to the Nativity. She needed some helpers to tell the story and a few of us were keen to join in, taking on the roles of the Angel Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, King Herod, the Wise men and the Shepherds. ‘Mary and Joseph’ had to travel up and down the church to the census and we all helped to count out loud together. We all knock, knock, knocked on the inn doors but there wasn’t any room. Eventually Mary and Joseph were offered a stable, and Mary got to hold baby Jesus. Reverend Mary was very impressed with Wrens and after the story she let us have an explore of the Church. We liked getting to have a look around!

Well done Wrens you were all brilliant for our first outing together!

Thank you to Reverend Mary, we hope to see you again soon.


Angel Gabriel
Mary, Joseph and King Herod
Journeying to Bethlehem
Meeting baby Jesus