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Two Weeks In To Big School!

It is hard to believe that we are two weeks into the year already.  The children are settling brilliantly and have learnt the class routines that keep them safe and help them to learn.  This week I have enjoyed sharing a book with every child, it was lovely to hear them all talk about the books they had chosen.  Please read with your child over the weekend and comment in their reading diary.

Today we had our first PE lesson, the children worked hard to be independent in their self-care and get changed by themselves.  Buttons were particularly challenging, something to practice at home.  In the hall we learnt about space, we warmed up by playing In And Out The Dusty Bluebells using all of the space in the hall, we then played Squashed so we could learn the difference between feeling squashed and in a space, the children loved this game.  Finally we cooled down by playing Sleeping Lions.  Stillness was really challenging for some of the children!  As was locating all of their clothes to get dressed, please double check that your child’s uniform is named as otherwise it is tricky to reunite items with owners.

The 6R we have focussed on so far this term is Ready, particularly being ready to learn.  Please use this word at home, for example, being ready for bed, being ready to listen, being ready to learn as much as possible new things.

Have a wonderful weekend.