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What A Lot Of Learning!

We have done so much learning this week in Wrens, it has been amazing!

We started the week thinking about the Youth Winter Olympics, we found Korea on a map, globe and in an atlas and were very exited by looking at images of the young olympians.  In our play we pretended we were engaging in Winter sports and at the end of the week Mrs Parsons brought her snowboard to school and we all had a go on it!

In maths this week we were learning about capacity, we discovered that tall things can have a smaller capacity than short things which surprised us.  We investigated the capacity of the porridge bowls from Goldilocks.  We have moved on to learning about the numbers 6, 7 and 8.  We have thought about the smaller parts that these numbers can be made from and looked at different ways to represent them.

In phonics we have applied the letters v and x to our learning in Drawing Club, using the words vex and hex, we love these words! Our new sound this week was y, we particularly enjoyed reading yo-yo by using our knowlegde of the tricky word no and go.

In Drawing Club we began thinking about Lunar New Year, we will continue to learn about this next week.  Our Drawing Club words this week were:

Banquet – flat hands like a table

Slurped – pretend to drink from a straw

Scrumptious – lick lips

Lip-Smacking – smack lips together

Astonishing – wide eyes, hands in air

Embellishments – point to Pirton logo

Vanished https://www.signbsl.com/sign/vanish

Breath-taking – hand on chest

Please try to use them at home.

We have been learning about weddings too and had a great time pretending to get married, we got dressed up and made a banquet for afterwards.