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What a week!

We have had quite a week in Wrens.  As part of our learning about people who help us we have had visits from the Hitchin firefighters and police officers.  Both visits were very exciting and the children really enjoyed asking questions about how they help people, their jobs and their equipment.  The children were particularly excited by the heat sensing camera, the handcuffs and the vehicles, of course.  They found the sirens really loud and loved having a go inside the police truck.

On Friday we celebrated World Book Day by coming to school in our nightwear.  We were so cosy and enjoyed spending time during the day sharing books with our grown-ups, our friends in our houses and reading silently to ourselves. After school we went to the hall for a book swap so we have new books to enjoy this weekend too!

Also on Friday we had a visit from a public health scientist which was a great way to learn about how scientists are people who help us, in advance of science week next week.  We found out that everything is made from chemicals, and that some are good and others are bad.  We thought about how bad chemicals can cause pollution, which is harmful to humans, animals and the planet.  We shared ideas of ways we could reduce pollution and help look after the planet.  We are going to apply our learning to making sure we try not to ask for things we want but don’t need, and we are going to make sure we pick up all of our rubbish and put it in the right bin.