Liddington 2022

PGL Day 1

Our first day has finally arrived! We are so glad to be able to take our Year 5 and 6s to PGL after so much disruption over the past few years. The children have had a busy first day, taking part in activities such as the Giant Swing, Zip Wire, Abseiling, and Buggy Building. We have enjoyed watching them develop their resilience, teamwork and bravery!

They also enjoyed the amount of food on offer for their first dinner! We hope to share many more adventures over the next few days, but for now, it is time for a quiz and some more games!

PGL Day 2

Last night was filled with fun and laughter, followed by a relatively calm, night’s sleep. We are incredibly proud of how well the children settled for the evening, even if some were feeling a little anxious about being away from home. 

This morning, the children helped themselves to a very large breakfast to fill them with energy for the day. We knew we were expecting warm weather, so lots of water was advised. The children then took part in morning activities such as Raft Building, Jacob’s Ladder, Survivor and Trapeze. The support and encouragement they have been giving their teams has been incredible. And, yes – some children did end up very wet after falling off their rafts; thank goodness for the bags for their wet clothing! 

This afternoon, the children have taken part in Archery, Vertical Challenge, and Giant Swing. There have of course been some breaks in-between sessions for children to play games and relax in the sunshine. 

Tonight, our Year 5s are looking forward to their campfire and the Year 6s are excited for the Splash Challenge!

Although we are having lots of fun, we are missing everyone back home. 

PGL Day 3

Tuesday night led to another great night’s sleep: everyone needed a good rest after a busy day! The children have learnt lots of new games, stories and songs from the PGL staff. 

On Wednesday morning, our Year 5 pupils took part in Abseiling and the Survivor Challenge. They filled their tummies with lunch before departing us safely back to Pirton. We were sad to see them go, but we are glad they had so much fun at PGL! 

Our Year 6 pupils had another exciting day. They took part in Raft Building, Zip Wire, Climbing and Orienteering. Many also enjoyed a fully clothed swim in the freezing lake. During the night, they had their PGL Disco and danced the night away! Until finally, it was time for bed. We have one more full day ahead of us and continue to look forward to the fun on Thursday. 

PGL Days 4 & 5

Thursday started much quieter than the rest of the week due to the Year 5s being back at home. The children were ready for another great day though. In the morning, everyone spent time in their canoes on the lake. It started out peaceful until the splashing began! They also took part in the vertical challenge. During the afternoon, Year 6 completed the challenge course and took part in some problem-solving activities. Ask the children about the riddles they learnt! Thursday finished with songs, stories, chats and dances around the campfire. 

We were up bright and early on Friday morning to pack to go home. We were very impressed with the children’s organisation skills, and we were finished very quickly! Everyone had a large breakfast and set off on their morning activities: the sensory trail and the trapeze. We had one final delicious meal before setting off on the coach home.  

We all had such an amazing time at PGL!  Everyone has made some wonderful memories that they will never forget. The school staff are so impressed and proud of all of the children in Year 5 and 6 for their behaviour, resilience, maturity and bravery during the trip. 

Well done Year 5 and 6!